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Past modals - You shouldn’t have done it

Make copies of the cards and place the pile face down at the front of the class. Pick a student to come to the front of the class and take one card, without telling the class what is written on it. The student must then talk about a situation to try to elicit from the class the words (or at least a near approximation to them). When the class come up with the right phrase, pick another student and continue.



You shouldn’t have eaten so much.



You should have asked her first.



You should have been more careful.



You should have gone to bed earlier.



You shouldn’t have bought it.



You shouldn’t have said that to him.



You should have listened to his advice.



You should have left earlier.



You shouldn’t have gone to the party.



You shouldn’t have agreed to it.



You should have worked harder.



You should have taken an umbrella.


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