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Intermediate grammar activities



ROLL THE DICE Present Perfect
Board game - students ask/answer about their experiences/ recent activities


BROKEN SENTENCES Adjective + preposition collocations
In pairs students match the beginnings and endings of sentences


WHAT DO YOU CALL IT? Relative pronouns
Students complete the questions then do the quiz in pairs


PERSONALLY SPEAKING Defining relative clauses
Students complete prompts about themselves, then discuss answers in pairs


GUESS HOW MANY Future possibility
Guessing game- in small groups students make guesses about the others' intentions


MY PERFECT WEEKEND Second conditional 1 (holidays theme)
Students complete questions then take turns to ask and answer with their partner


WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Second conditional 2
Speaking prompts for pair work discussion


WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Second conditional 3
Speaking prompts for pair work discussion


JOB SWAP Used to (jobs theme)
In pairs students exchange information to complete table


GRAMMAR QUIZ intermediate grammar review
In small groups students guess the correct answer to win points


More activities coming soon



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