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Intermediate - advanced conversation activities



Question time
Students devise questions then circulate, asking other students


Agree or disagree?
In small groups, students discuss a range of topics


Interviews 1
Guided discussions on various topics for pairs/threes.


Interviews 2
As above


Interviews 3
As above


Imaginary picture dictation
Students devise their own scenes for picture dictations


Don't say the word (upper intermediate)
Students define words without using obvious terms


Expressing preferences
Small groups discuss their personal likes/dislikes


Tell me...
Students circulate, giving information about their lives and experiences


Pair-work conversation - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
Pairs ask and answer questions on this theme


Half-a-crossword - MUSIC
Pairs define word to complete a crossword


Mini dramas 1
4 situations for pairs to role-play on the theme of WORK


Mini dramas 2
5 situations for pairs to role-play on various themes

  Rotating Interviews
Interviewees circulate finding interviewers on subjects they want to speak about.
  Problem solving
Small groups activity based on discussing solutions to problems
  Think of a question
Small groups activity based on thinking of questions to match answers

more activities coming soon



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