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Pre-intermediate grammar activities




GUESS HOW MANY Present Perfect
Students make guesses about each other's experiences using "Have you ever...?"


HOW MUCH? HOW MANY? Countable / Uncountable forms
In pairs students ask and answer questions


MOVIE TIME Question formation / prices, times, places
Pairs exchange information to complete a table


FIND SOMEONE WHO Comparative adjectives
Students circulate around the class asking each other questions


WHAT’S IT MADE OF? Present simple passive form
Students define objects for their team to guess


COFFEE QUIZ Past simple passive form
In pairs students ask and answer questions


DAY TRIPPERS Present continuous for future arrangements
In pairs students complete missing information in a table


BROKEN SENTENCES First conditional
Students move around the class to find the complete sentences


HOUSE GUESTS Offers with Would you like…?
In pairs, students role play making, accepting and refusing offers


ASKING NICELY Polite requests with Would you mind…?
In pairs students take turns to ask their partner to do things


SCHOOL RULES Obligation modals 
In pairs, students role play giving and asking about rules


 HOW SURE ARE YOU? Grammar review: past forms
In groups students decide if sentences are grammatical or not


TRUTH OR LIES? Mixed grammar review
Student guess whether answers are true or not


More activities coming soon



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